How it

More than Words is a versatile card set that invites creative use. With the absence of words, Imagery Cards welcomes you to use it in your own way that supports your work and/or your participant(s).

Whether you’re facilitating a one-on-one or a group of 20, Imagery Cards can help generate easy and genuine conversations.


Users of this card may comprise a facilitator and a group of participants. The facilitator may choose only the cards relevant to the person or group.

The facilitator then spreads the cards on the floor or tabletop in an angle the participants can comfortably see. The participants will then scan and examine the images on the cards. Once scanned, the facilitator may begin the activity.

The cards may be presented in different ways. They may be walked around and scanned from a greater height which is particularly effective for kinesthetic learners (people who learn best by using physical movement).

Another option is to mount the cards on a board. This may save space and allow cards to be presented in a way that focuses on a particular goal, priority or theme.

Sabrina David © More than Words 2021