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about More than Words!
‘More than Words has been a great tool for opening conversations that are a bit more sensitive and harder to talk about. The range of images has made it easy for people to opt in at different levels, whether surface level, or being more vulnerable. The cards localised images have also opened up spaces to share more specific stories to Aotearoa, and also talks about indigenous, and POC people’s experiences.’

Raymond Tuala
The Salvation Army,
Youth Worker,
Ōwairaka, Auckland

‘I have used More Than Words more times than I count. It is a wonderful way of sparking metaphor in a young persons mind. It allows a person to articulate something internal, without the pressure of creative thinking when that feels too hard. I have found the cards often spark a deeper story. I am excited to buy more copies to help other sparkling conversations happen!‘

Sarah Bridle
The Salvation Army JSV
Youth Worker, Wellington

‘The More than Words card set have helped structure better conversations for the youth I work with who find it hard to speak out in open group discussions. The cards have also enabled those without a voice, an opportunity to express themselves in another way.’

JD Douglas
Central Youth Services, Youth Worker
Pito-one, Wellington

Sabrina David © More than Words 2021